The Scales of Torma
have always been in balance…

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It has been eighteen years since the end of the Eighth Great War, and the city of Reysa lies under the shadow of the Gartolian Empire.

Trapped inside the occupied city, Loras dreams of being a Reytana – one of the protectors of Reysa. He imagines himself leading his people against the Gartolians and freeing his city from their oppressive rule. However, his dream has a fatal flaw.

The Reytana are missing.

Without their Reytana protectors to defend them, Loras knows that his people stand no chance against the Gartolians and their own vicious protectors, the Gartune. So, he resigns himself to daydreaming in his professor’s class about a time when the balance of power will be restored.

Then one day, a sudden revelation forces Loras, his twin sister Regan and best friend Tinko, to flee from their homes. As they are pursued by the Gartune through the wilderness, the Reysene teenagers realize that their only hope for survival is to solve the mystery of the Lost Reytana.

A fast-paced fantasy adventure full of twists, turns and memorable characters, Hyperion’s Shield is for anyone who ever dreamed of being a hero.

Hyperion’s Shield is the first book in the epic fantasy series The Scales of Torma by Nathan Schivley.

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